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By Lutzenkirchen.

Mix & Masteringservice For Electronic Music

The details...

About Tobias Lutzenkirchen 

His reasoning for creating mastering.lutzenkirchen.com: 

Albeit being no mastering engineer, he noticed that quite often his own masters were very close to professional masters that cost quite some money to be done. Sometimes even better. Probably because these guys tend to get lazy and “just run them through their expensive stuff” just for the heck of it and don't pay attention to the details of a particular track itself.

Also noteworthy is that a lot of mastering engineers come from a completely different musical style/background that has nothing to do with electronic music at all. In the end he decided to start his own mix & mastering service and tried to make it as cheap as possible so that everyone can have access to these services and money doesn't dictate chances.

Tobias Lutzenkirchen: Producing records since 1999, has well over 500 releases so far. He worked under dozens of pseudonyms in various projects across a wide variety musical styles and is playing Clubs worldwide since 2005. He played every continent on this earth at least twice.  

Notable gigs include the United States, Canada, Japan, Scotland, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Finland, Russia, Australia, Sweden, Greece, China, Austria, France, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Belguim, Spain, Portugal, Belarus, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Mexico and more.
Tobias produced and co-produced several saleschart hits, including a UK Top 10, a german Top 10 and wrote and produced the 60th best-selling single of the whole year 2008 in Germany...

About The Equipment


| TASCAM DM3200 (48 Channel Expansion +Cards)
| MOTU HD192, 24i/o, 308, 2408 Interfaces


| Klein & Hummel
| ESI nEAR 8
| Yamaha NS20-m


| Thermionic Culture "The Phoenix"
| Neve 8803​ Sum EQ
| Empirical Labs Fatso
| Crane Song HEDD192
| Eventide Eclipse
| Lexicon PCM91
| TC Electronix Fireworx
| Mutronics Mutator

Hardware Instruments:

| Studio Electronics SE01x
| Virus Ti
| Nord Rack 3
| Korg Radias
| Waldorf Blofeld
| Elektron Machinedrum SPS1-UW
| Elektron Monomachine
| NI Maschine
| Akai MPC Renaissance


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